Jun 13

DCCSC at the Shasta County Fair – 2017!

The Shasta County Fair, which ran from Wednesday, June 21 to Saturday, June 24th was a great success!  We gathered a bunch of signatures, met a lot of good people and spread the word about the Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Candidate Duncan

DCC folks and Jessica Holcombe

Ruth and Jessica discuss issues

Great folks staffing out DCC booth!

Make sure to come out for our next General meeting!

I Want YOU

         I Want YOU there

Aug 12

Annual Founders Celebration – September 30th!

Come and join us for the Annual fundraisng dinner on September 30th!  Click on the View Full Post button and then click on the Annual Fundraising Dinner Info link!

Annual Fundraising Dinner Info!!


You can buy tickets here.  Just click on this link to buy tickets


Tickets can also be purchased at the door!!

Jul 03

Our Key to Success

Coming together is a beginning;

Keeping together is progress;

Working together is success. — Henry Ford


Mar 05

Statement From the Chair-Shasta County DCC

Welcome fellow residents of Shasta County and fellow Democrats; my name is Rob Rowen and I am the chair of the Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County. The DCCSC is the official representative body of the Democratic Party in Shasta County. The DCCSC meets the second Monday of every month at 900 Locust St. at 6pm, and everyone is welcome to attend.

The purpose of the DCCSC is to work on the issues that affect each and every citizen that lives in Shasta County.  From healthcare to affordable housing, veteran issues and equality for all citizens, we do what we can to spread that message. With so many of our residents effected by todays political turmoil, our committee works to educate, inform, and shape the policies of tomorrow. We believe that Shasta County and all of northern California has lacked a voice in both Sacramento and Washington for far too long, and we are working to help change that dynamic.

Democrats are alive and well in Shasta County and we are growing stronger by the day. We need the support of all of our democrats and citizens who are tired of our current representation. Please do your part and support our organization in any way possible; we accept donations through our website, we welcome you to attend meetings, and we want you to use your voice and to get involved. This is about all of us, and we must come together and demand change and representation that fights for the people, not the privileged class.

In Solidarity,

Rob Rowen

Chair-Shasta County DCC



Feb 15

Welcome to our Website currently being updated!


This website is a work in progress but we certainly hope you will like and enjoy our efforts here. After all, this is Website-Construction1-300x169really for your edification and illumination about who we are, where we are and what we do.

We really hope that we can motivate you to come to one of our monthly meetings – no obligation whatsoever but, of course ,we will try to interest you in our membership. We have a lot of fun while we educate and inform the citizens of the Shasta County.