Jun 13

Come See the DCC at the Shasta County Fair – 2017!

Location: Shasta County Fairgrounds

Our booth will be staffed 10AM – 11 PM on Wednesday, June 21st, through Saturday, June 24th.

We are sponsoring a booth at the fair grounds where we will be registering voters, displaying posters and handing out flyers, and should have internet links or computer copies of videos of information regarding pertinent issues we all face (healthcare, etc.)

Come out and meet Democrat Candidates for Ca. D.1 (LaMalfa) in 2018:


Candidate Brandon Storment

Thurs, June 22nd

6pm – 8PM




Candidate Mr. Dennis Ducan

Friday, June 23rd

4PM – 7PM



Candidate J. Jessica Holcombe

Saturday, June 24th

Early Evening


Stop by the DCC Booth while enjoying the Shasta County Fair – 2017

I Want YOU

         I Want YOU there

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