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Welcome Message, Mission Statement, Our Values

Welcome Message

During the initiation of the website, under the guidance of our DCC Chair at the time, and assisted by the DCC members, we prepared a mission statement and values statement to headline the front page of the site. These items were meant to be strong statements of general purpose and core values of the club’s commitment to the our community.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the DCCSC shall be to:

1. encourage the growth and success of the Democratic Party and DCCSC-chartered Democratic Clubs in Shasta County by promoting voter registration, education, participation, and core Democratic values, and electing Democrats to local, state, and federal office.

2. cultivate, cooperative and productive relationships with the chartered Shasta County Democratic clubs in order to facilitate shared political objectives;

3. conduct all lawful business of the Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County.

Our Values

We stand for human rights and social justice. We believe in equal opportunity without the exclusion of any citizen or resident. We are committed to the rule of law and public election of governmental officeholders by Democratic process. We believe that the voting franchise gives us the power to effectuate change and ensure the human rights and social justice will not become subverted by an unjust government as the founding fathers of the Republic had envisioned. We encourage action and the fair sharing of responsibility for the improvements of our community and society as an integrated whole.