Greetings to Shasta County Voters!




The Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County has been working hard to turn our county back to Blue. Our top priorities are: Voter Registration, Voter Engagement and Getting Out The Vote.
At a recent canvassing training in June, over 50 people committed to walking door to door to engage Democrats, and listen to their concerns. During the hot summer months, we are also reaching out to neighbors by phone, and by mail. Our goal is to connect with voters in every precinct in our region, energize the electorate, and urge people to get out and Vote Democratic!


The November 2018 election is a turning point for Shasta County, and the nation. The Republican administration is putting affordable healthcare further out of reach, destroying trade relationships with our allies, widening the gap between wage earners and the super-rich, gutting environmental safeguards that ensure clean air and clean water, and separating families. We are more than ready for a blue wave!

Our committee meets the second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM, 900 Locust St, Redding, CA 96001. Guest speakers include current candidates, regional Democratic Party representatives, and members of the CD1 Alliance. All meetings are open to the public, so please join us!


Diane Kinyon

Chair, DCCSC


A Voter Engagement Workshop was held in June, sponsored by DCCSC and the CD1 Alliance, and drew over 50 attendees ready to register voters and walk precincts ahead of the November election.


DCCSC members meet in Redding after the June 2018 Primary


CD1 Congressional candidate Audrey Denney visits the DCCSC booth at the Shasta District Fair in May


Candidates speak with voters at the DCCSC booth at the Shasta District Fair in Anderson.

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