Holiday Fundraiser at Riverfront Playhouse November 28!

Special performance Wednesday, November 28, 2018, to benefit the DCCSC!

Join us on Wednesday, November 28 at 7:30 at the Riverfront Playhouse for a live benefit performance of Miracle on 34th St! Tickets are $20 at the door, or contact the DCCSC at (530)355-6075 or (530)262-5721.

Riverfront Playhouse, 1620 E. Cypress Ave, Redding CA 96002

ELECTION NIGHT EVENT, Tuesday, November 6

Our Election Night event begins at 7 p.m. at the Labor Hall, 900 Locust Street, Redding, CA 96001. We will provide lasagna, chicken  and drinks. Others are welcome to bring a side dish!  We will have up to the minute results via Big Screen TV.  All are welcome to stop by and enjoy a refreshment.

• You may STILL register to vote in person at the Shasta County Registrar of Voters office, and at any polling place on election day, to be eligible to submit a provisional ballot.

• Shasta County polling sites will accept any Vote By Mail  (VBM) ballot brought in to their polling place, including from other counties, until the polls close at 8pm on Tuesday, November 6.

Thanks to all the volunteers who walked, talked, sent postcards, registered voters and worked in countless other ways to restore civility and conscience in public life.


DCCSC Founders’ Dinner 2018



Win-River Resort Casino


Special Guests Speakers:


Communications Director of the California Democratic Party (CADEM)…and Shasta County native!



Coordinator for Rural Areas, CADEM


The 2018 Annual Founders’ Dinner of the Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County will also feature local candidates, and First Responder Heroes from the City of Redding and Shasta County.

It will be a night to gather together in gratitude, and celebrate our community. Join us!


For tickets, click here:

For more information, email us at:

…or call (530)355-6075 or (530)262-5721.

Great memories from our 2017 Founders’ Dinner…

Attendees were happy to line up with Elizabeth Warren!

California State Treasurer John Chiang was the featured speaker in 2017

People of all ages showed up for our annual celebration!

Margaret Earnest – Democrat of the Year 2017


Honored Democrat for 2017 – Eddie McAllister, pictured with with his wife



























Greetings to Shasta County Voters!




The Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County has been working hard to turn our county back to Blue. Our top priorities are: Voter Registration, Voter Engagement and Getting Out The Vote.
At a recent canvassing training in June, over 50 people committed to walking door to door to engage Democrats, and listen to their concerns. During the hot summer months, we are also reaching out to neighbors by phone, and by mail. Our goal is to connect with voters in every precinct in our region, energize the electorate, and urge people to get out and Vote Democratic!


The November 2018 election is a turning point for Shasta County, and the nation. The Republican administration is putting affordable healthcare further out of reach, destroying trade relationships with our allies, widening the gap between wage earners and the super-rich, gutting environmental safeguards that ensure clean air and clean water, and separating families. We are more than ready for a blue wave!

Our committee meets the second Monday of each month at 6:00 PM, 900 Locust St, Redding, CA 96001. Guest speakers include current candidates, regional Democratic Party representatives, and members of the CD1 Alliance. All meetings are open to the public, so please join us!


Diane Kinyon

Chair, DCCSC


A Voter Engagement Workshop was held in June, sponsored by DCCSC and the CD1 Alliance, and drew over 50 attendees ready to register voters and walk precincts ahead of the November election.


DCCSC members meet in Redding after the June 2018 Primary


CD1 Congressional candidate Audrey Denney visits the DCCSC booth at the Shasta District Fair in May


Candidates speak with voters at the DCCSC booth at the Shasta District Fair in Anderson.

Greetings From Our New Chair, Diane Kinyon

Welcome all Democratic Central Committee Members, Alternates, Associates and Ex-Officos to our Committee!

As current Chair of the Committee, I am humbled to have this opportunity to welcome you and thank you for your commitment.   The past few years have been some of the best in current memory thanks to hard work of some dedicated Democrats. In the past twenty years Shasta County has become a “Red County” with majority Republicans registered. During that time, we were small and mighty, but it became more difficult to get Democratic candidates to run for offices, including our own Committee. In 2013, we were meeting in a rec room and passing the hat to buy stamps. The previous Chair, Rob Rowen, worked very hard to bring people in, to raise funds, and to right the ship, while running for State Senate himself.

2018 will see this Committee work toward the goal of turning our County back to Blue again that Rob championed and worked diligently to achieve. Voter Registration, Voter Engagement and Get Out The Vote are always the Big Three for Democrats and it is here, too.

But what does that mean? Should those be our priority for 2018? Or should we focus on reaching out to high school and college students with education about our Party? Or should we focus on chartering more Democratic Clubs? Or should we prioritize local candidate races? You represent your Democratic neighbors in Shasta County from voter registration to legislation, from Shasta County to Washington, DC. You are a very important part of the democratic process.

Everyone Has A Voice! We meet each month the second Monday at 6:00 PM at 900 Locust St, Redding where we have an office that will be open during campaign season. The Executive Board meets monthly, too. All meetings are open to the public. We have Standing Committees that assist with operations of our Committee. Also, we are making our presence visible again in Shasta County by attending Events and that takes volunteers.

We believe in diversity! We are for the People! We want all Democrats to feel welcome here. Thank you for joining! And my personal phone number is 530-355-6075 and I am here to help you with your questions.

In Solidarity,

Diane Kinyon