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The Mission

We build, sustain and promote the Democratic ideals, values and mission of equal rights and equal opportunity for all people, regardless of race, religion ethnicity or sexual orientation.

The Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County (DCCSC) is a locally controlled affiliate of the California Democratic Party, and is composed of General Members, Ex-Officio Members, Alternate Members, and Associate Members.

The DCCSC has several chartered and ad-hoc clubs and committees that focus on the needs of local working families, expanding healthcare options, and addressing women’s issues, the environment and education.

Our monthly forums feature speakers and films on a range of subjects, and we produce an in-house interview show on YouTube highlighting local issues, called The MC. 

We invite you to volunteer your time, donate to our local campaigns, and help us build a foundation for future electoral success. 


Build, sustain and promote the Democratic ideals, values and mission, of equal rights and equal opportunity for all people, regardless of race, religion ethnicity or sexual orientation and we work to promote the California Democratic Party Platform. 

Diane Kinyon

Diane Kinyon


District 1

Will Pasley

Will Pasley

Vice Chair

District 1

Cheryl McKinley

Cheryl McKinley


District 2

Linda Miller

Linda Miller

Asst. Treasurer

District 3

District Members

District 1 Members

Claudia O’Connell
Carole Roberts
Rick Roberts
Ron Smith
Brandon Storment

District 2 Members

Robert Brown
Christian Gardinier
Cork McGowan
Sandra Taylor
Alton Trease

District 3 Members

Paula Percy
Linda Schreiber
Karen Sehon

District 4 Members

Julie Frost
Ron Stone

District 5 Members

Jenny Abbe
Valerie Anderson
Lisa Cole
Margaret Earnest
Sue Gustafson
Ruth Rhodes

DCCSC Committees and Clubs

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee works with the Treasurer to create a yearly budget, recommend vendors, and provide oversight on campaign finance compliance.

Democratic Women and Friends

The DWC is a chartered club of the DCCSC. The club meets on the first Tuesday every month, at 5:30 pm at Marie Callenders in Redding. The club raises funds for local candidates and causes, registers voters, and provides volunteers for DCCSC public events.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee maintains a calendar of upcoming elections, including registration deadlines for both candidates and voters, and prepares reports on past elections for the general membership.

Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee reviews legislation on water, forestry and wildlife that impact our region. The committee also provides support for local environmental groups.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising committee works with the Secretary to plan and promote all fundraising events, and reports regularly to the general membership.

Media Committee

The Media Committee manages the DCCSC website and social media accounts, works with the Chair to distribute news releases, and produces shows for their YouTube Channel exploring issues with local candidates, officials and leaders.

PAGE: Political Action Grassroots Engagement

PAGE develops and coordinates all civil actions and events. The committee sponsors monthly issues forums, marches, rallies, and coordinated responses

Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee crafts public statements on issues of importance and consequence to our region, state, country, and planet. All Resolutions must be approved by a majority of members.