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Dec 16, 2019 | Action, Issues, Local



On December 17, Redding turned out 300 strong for a nationwide Impeachment Rally. The local protest was organized by members of the Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County.

On December 18, 2019, Congress passed 2 articles of Impeachment on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

The DCCSC supports our Democratic representatives in Congress for their principled and courageous acts in defense of the Constitution of the United States.

Statement in Support of Impeachment

The Democratic Central Committee adopted a resolution on September 9, 2019 favoring an impeachment inquiry. The resolution states that among other lawless acts, the President “expressed intent to collaborate with foreign countries during the 2020 elections; and continues repeated flagrant and repeated violations of the emolument’s clause and his personal enrichment from foreign governments during his presidency.”

The Committee sent the message to lawmakers in Washington, citing evidence of conduct it views as intolerable in a country’s chief executive.  At the time, Democratic Central Committee Chair Diane Kinyon wrote: “Impeachment is a long procedural process which may not result in removal prior to 2020, but we feel it is important to take a stand against the continued callousness and corruption of this administration.”

Click below for full text of the Resolution:

DCCSC Resolution #1 – 2019