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Stop the Republican Recall – Vote No by Sept 14

Aug 1, 2021 | Action

Stop the Recall

Help us beat back this underhanded attempt by Republican extremists to nullify our 2018 votes. Ballots will begin arriving in mailboxes on August 16, 2021, and must be returned by September 14.

In just 2 years in office, Gov. Newsom has achieved historic progress on behalf of California’s working families by:

Gov. Newsom made record investments in education by:

  • providing two tuition-free years of community college to all first-time students
  • making the largest ever investment in California’s K-12 public schools• expanding early childhood education and childcare, and put the state on the path to universal pre-kindergarten
  • increased financial aid opportunities

Let’s defeat the recall, and gear up to re-elect Governor Newsom in 2022! If you’d like a campaign sign, please leave us a message at: (530) 262-5721.

Stop the Republican Recall!