Resolution on Impeachment Inquiry

2019 DCCSC Resolution #1 -9-9-19

Statement in Support of an Impeachment Inquiry 


On Monday, September 9, 2019, the Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County voted to send a resolution to the US Congress endorsing an impeachment inquiry into the conduct of President Donald Trump. The Committee sent a message to lawmakers in Washington, citing evidence of conduct it views as intolerable in a country’s chief executive. “Impeachment is a long procedural process which may not result in removal prior to 2020, but we feel it is important to take a stand against the continued callousness and corruption of this administration,” said Democratic Central Committee Chair Diane Kinyon. “Voters should know that elections have consequences, and that there are rational and positive alternatives to the challenges we face.” We hope that other rural political organizations will similarly demand accountability.

    “Political corruption is at a crisis point in our country,” said Kinyon. “We have a president whose cruelty and crassness is on display every day in the form of policies that either directly diminish individual rights, or serve to enrich him, personally.” A resolution seeking to call Mr. Trump to account was first presented in early August by Christian Gardinier, a member of the DCCSC. The Committee’s Executive Board submitted the final resolution that passed on September 9.
    Referring to the Administration’s harsh stance on immigration, the resolution states that the President, “orchestrates and engages in the cruel and illegal treatment of people of color, including disregard for the established precedent of Flores v. Reno,” a reference to the Supreme Court decision of 1993 that was intended to sharply curtail the practice of splitting up immigrant families. The Trump administration, in contradiction of the Flores order, has continued a policy of separating children from their parents or guardians, with hundreds of children still in indefinite detention or foster care, whose parents have been deported or lost track of.
    “We are tired of seeing him disregard the rule of law,” Kinyon said. “It sends the wrong message about governance, and about what we stand for as a country. Calling out this behavior goes well beyond partisanship.”
    The resolution refers to the 10 instances of obstruction of justice detailed in Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Report. Mr. Mueller’s investigation resulted in over thirty indictments of Trump’s staff and advisors. Our own organization is governed by strict rules and regulations in accordance with state and federal election laws, and our members agree that the President’s multiple stated intentions to collaborate with foreign entities for political benefit is enough to justify impeachment. “Daily revelations about personal enrichment from obvious corruption schemes just bolster the case,” said Kinyon.
    In calling for the Judiciary Committee in Congress to invoke an Impeachment Inquiry under Article 1 of the Constitution, the resolution lists a multitude of behaviors, including the promotion of political and social violence, directing subordinates to commit crimes under promise of impunity, pursuing policies that destroy the environment and erode voting rights, and tax policies benefiting the wealthy and further widening economic inequities.
    Stating that Trump “engages in acts of poor governance unbecoming of a president,” the document lists racism, sexism, hate, fear mongering, homophobia, and religious discrimination among his most destabilizing behaviors.
    After the vote at Monday’s meeting, the group also formed a “Resolution Committee,” to craft monthly statements.