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Statewide Women Leaders Visit County Meeting

Feb 8, 2021 | Election


We were honored to welcome two candidates running for executive positions in the California Democratic Party at our February 8 virtual monthly meeting.

California State Controller Betty Yee is a candidate for Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party. Controller Yee reminded members that we are the largest state party in the country, and spoke about the importance of including rural California voices in setting policy directions. She noted that in the aftermath of January 6, it was time to “double down” with our messages on the benefits that government continues to deliver, in contrast to anti-government rhetoric. 

Among the programs she endorses are peer-to-peer mentor programs for county committees and local candidates, and help with communications strategies and navigating campaign reporting requirements.

Ms. Yee just launched Season 2 of her podcast, “The California Table,” featuring “community voices often missing at institutional policy or funding decision-making tables.” The new season includes an episode relevant to our region: Central Valley Rising: Youth-Fueled Activism.

Delaine Eastin is the former Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of California, and is challenging incumbent Rusty Hicks for Chair of the California Democratic Party. Ms. Eastin cited her 8 years in the State Assembly, her labor activism with the California Federation of Teachers, and her groundbreaking role as the first and only woman schools’ chief in state history. She bemoaned the loss of 4 California Democratic Congressional seats in the 2020 election, and vowed to reverse the trend. She emphasized the need for task forces and enhanced training resources to “build a bench” of qualified candidates in future.