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Message to Shasta County Democrats

Nov 6, 2020 | Message From Our Chair

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Dear Shasta County Democrats,

Thank you for volunteering, donating, engaging in dialogue, and most importantly, making your voices
heard with your votes in the 2020 election season.

We are very proud of our local Democratic candidates, each of whom sacrificed so much to promote
science over fiction, hope over fear, and equal justice for all. We are especially proud of our two
victorious endorsed candidates: Jenn Snider, now an elected member of the Shasta County Board of
Education; and Mayor Janice Powell, the top vote-getter for Shasta Lake City Council!

We also thank school board candidates Devon Hastings and Jeff Cook, and know they will continue to
strive to improve our education system as engaged citizens. It takes courage to run for office, especially
in these polarized times, but let’s remember that—regardless of the outcome—it’s also a privilege not
available to citizens in many parts of the world.

Our three regional superstars, Audrey Denney, Pamela Swartz and Elizabeth Betancourt, are truly an
inspiration. It’s painful to think about what our region will lose by not having their voices in government.
Each of them has brought so much life and passion to our communities, and they collectively set a high
standard for leadership. Whenever they want to run again, we will be there!

We confidently look forward to new national leadership that can bring informed, humane and diverse
voices to the table. We will continue to seek out local candidates that inspire more people to exercise
their right to vote, and partner with groups and individuals dedicated to helping those in need,
increasing educational and employment opportunities, and putting planet health and sustainability front
and center.

We look forward to celebrating with you—virtually—the expected Biden/Harris Era, and working
together purposefully to grow our majority!

In gratitude,
Jenny Abbe
Chair, Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County