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Pamela Swartz

Pamela Swartz

Candidate for CA Senate District 1

I believe the only purpose of forming a government is to serve the needs of the people. As your elected official, I will make decisions and policies that are solely based on the interests of my constituents, not on outside or special interests. 

Our District needs an advocate who insists that state policies and budgets don’t forget us in the North State. Our tax dollars need to return to our communities. We need increased rural infrastructure, expanded funding for education and affordable housing to create more opportunity and well paying, local jobs. With these in place, our region will be able to attract new, and much needed medical facilities, colleges and trade schools as well as support online businesses that are a perfect fit for our rural area.

I was lucky to grow up with parents who were educators. They encouraged us to speak our truth, question authority and be independent thinkers. After attending Sequoia Middle School and Shasta High School in Redding, I graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor’s of Science in Forestry with an emphasis in Wildlife Management. Among many lessons, my university education taught me the fragility of native habitats and the intertwined relationship between these habitats and human influence. Wisely managing our natural resources is essential for a healthy and safe future and I believe, this is best accomplished by developing private-public partnerships. This creates local jobs and improves our rural economy.
I am a California native and small business owner. I started a science-based company out of a need for skin-care solutions to address persistent acne, which I suffered from in adolescence and adulthood. Owning a successful business for over 30 years has taught me that authenticity and honesty count just as much as understanding smart finances and adhering to budgets.

You can rely on my commitment to fight for the rights and needs of our rural district. We can – and must – do better!