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Use Of Force Policy Resolution

Jul 7, 2020 | Resolutions

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On July 1, 2020, the Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County unanimously passed a resolution condemning the excessive use of force by law enforcement. A motion was then passed in favor of taking actions to increase public safety oversight in Shasta County, and advocate for training reform.
The vote was made during a special meeting of the committee, held virtually, which began with Committee Chair Diane Kinyon calling for 8 minutes and 46 seconds of silence to honor George Floyd. 

The Resolution and Action statement can also be found here.

Use of Force Policy Resolution

WHEREAS, we believe that Black Lives Matter, and in recognition of systemic racism and ongoing violence against people of color at the hands of law enforcement, and

WHEREAS, we support our First Amendment right to peacefully protest and petition the government for a redress of grievances, and

WHEREAS, there is a need for comprehensive review of local law enforcement policies regarding the use of force, and in reforms that reflect the highest standards of work ethics and human behavior, and

WHEREAS, we believe such reforms require public partnerships, including input from local advocates for community policing reform,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that we support the establishment of a Public Safety Advisory Committees for all law enforcement agencies in Shasta County, and the subsequent enactment of laws, policies and procedures which will lead to a reduction in the use of force, and improved training.


The DCCSC believes effective changes to local public safety processes and procedures will reduce incidents of unnecessary use of force, and recommends the following actions:

  1. Support the creation of a Public Safety Advisory Committee for all law enforcement agencies in Shasta County.
  2. Review the guidelines in Campaign Zero’s The Use of Force Project, for possible recommendations.
  3. Request increased law enforcement education, including in-depth, critical thinking skills.
  4. Recommend enhanced training in de-escalation tactics.
  5. Improve networking and peer intervention to reduce the use of excessive force.
  6. Recommend the elimination of chokeholds. 
  7. Support the use of body cameras for all law enforcement officers.
  8. Mobilize public support for public safety reform.The foregoing Motion was passed by the DCCSC on June 30, 2020