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Voter Registration

Your Democratic Vote Counts!

Democrats believe that every vote counts and that voting is a civic honor and duty! All people registered in California are eligible to vote in statewide elections.

NO photo ID is required. Please register to vote if you have not do so, or if you have moved from a different county or state.

If you need help registering to vote or help in getting to a polling place, please contact the Democratic Central Committee of Shasta County for assistance.

Click HERE to register.

IF when you registered to vote, you initiated the “Vote By Mail” option on your registration form, you will receive your ballot approximately 29 days prior to the election. To vote, follow the instructions on the ballot.

IF you have not received your ballot by 20 days before the election, contact the County Clerk’s Office.

IF you prefer to vote at your polling place and you have received a “Vote by Mail” ballot, then take that ballot to the polling place. You may also cast a ballot in person at your polling place on Election Day.

Where can I vote?  Click the links for either the LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS or SHASTA COUNTY ELECTIONS